About Me

I am inspired by the natural structural forms that surround us and the forms we chose to surround ourselves with. Trees and buildings respond to the same laws of physics and nature and are technically very similar to draw. The challenge for me as an artist is to capture the main features of a view using black ink. I have developed techniques by drawing many portraits of structures which expand the range that a pen provides further than simply dots and lines.

This site houses a small selection of my ink drawings which are produced on either linen paper or canvas. Prices start from as little as £50 so please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any ideas that you would like to see produced in ink.

I sell some of my local art through Art at 88 in Berkhamsted and I attend art shows and exhibitions. I can provide you with a unique picture of your property or a limited canvas print of a town centre or natural landscape.

My gallery here has three rooms, please wander through them at your leisure.

Room 1 – Panoramas
Room 2 – Properties
Room 3 – Structures

The panoramic pictures are 122cm x 14cm and are reproduced on canvas. Pictures in the other rooms are all approximately A4 size on linen paper.



Clive Baxter B.Ed (Hons). NPQH
 +44 (0) 1442 380327
+44 (0) 7949 292481